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फिल्मो में इन लोगो को मिलेगी जगह, लगते है जुड़वाँ भाई

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Today we will introduce you to the people who got the look of the stars but they are not themselves the film stars, they are the common people who are engaged in their work business, but the surprise is that they get crowded even outside their homes. Outside the houses of Storrs, these people are those who see bigger directors also cheat many times, they may not be found in the place of TV stars but they are from TV stars. You do not have any attention, but you have many people who do not have these TV stars, sometimes you come to the TV, but you do not know, do not believe, come today. Today we show you that this is exactly the same. People of Shukla who are not less than a star, what did friends talk about?

first picture

This picture seems like Ajay Devgan, it was decided that if Ajay Devgan used to eat Vimal like this then his condition would become such a day as he did.

President of India

They look like the President of India, let's see them with their picture, but they all still cheat too much.

"This is now Gandhi

Yes, whose pictures you see are now working in the movies based on Gandhiji. They look like Gandhiji, but Pis samithi Nathuram, again, would kill them.

Khan Khan Khan in Khano

Now look here, this is not the King Shah Rukh Khan's humshakal.

Now look at Saif Ali Khan's petrol

Now look here, Saif Ali Khan is filling the petrol while filling the petrol. Do not panic. Nawab is still a young man. He is the man of his appearance.

Picture of salman khan

This young man looks like Salman Khan, in fact, Salman Khan seems to be out of his house in the wake of seeing him.

Patanjali's scientist Ramdev

Now let's see this, do not look like Baba Ram Dev

This is Ranveer Kapoor's brother

Now see here the most laughing actor of Bollywood is like Ranbir Kapoor or the look of this young man.

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